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    I'll sort the wiring out but to be honest it's probably not what you want / think.

    Because the Kress is thumb wheel controlled I just used the relay on Roy's Uniport board to power a sealed 3 pin socket that the kress just plugs in so the computer turns it on and off but i control the speed with the thumb wheel.

    The air cooled one runs the same, inverter plugged into the socket and the speed controlled by the knob on the front of the inverter.

    This can be fully computerised but I'll need to add a speed board.

    Recently I have been fitting Roy's System 1 board with the plug in speed board that fits the system 4 setup.
    very cost effective, work brilliantly.

    If you needs Roy's boards
    buy direct, they work out a lot cheaper.
    John S -

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    Hi John..

    Am ok to switch it on/off and set speed manually, but the on/off would be nice.. Already have one of Roy's boards (System 3), works really well and very glad I bought it.. I really do not know much about electronics, get by with guile and luck mostly, so please excuse my dumb questions.. Here's one, is it not possible to have a mains relay so the 240v supply to the spindle can be switched on/off at the board? Seems simple to me but there is probably a good reason why not..

    Have bought my Kress now from and also got the kress mount.. Very helpful people so far and prices are good.. Have ordered my collets from which seem to be the cheapest I have found on the net, less than half price of anyone else..


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