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    Not sure what your talking about there fellas??? This aint plasma
    Ups got mixed up with another tread. me bad that'll teach me the check all the posts and not just the last one:heehee:

    I havent discussed changing the Z axis with anyone either??????
    I know I was just suggesting that you might want to think about changing it. :naughty:

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    Ha ha, no worries.

    Im sticking with it for now, seems to work ok on the original build and I dont know enough to change it at this stage.
    Ill post some videos when I finally get the machine up and running. Im still waiting for the belts and pulleys to be confirmed from the supplier which is a right pain in the but.

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    I must say,that ally that has 10mm stamped on it sure looks like 19mm to me rather than 10mm.

    This is gonna be one big bu**er of a CNC:naughty:

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    Far be it from me to question Gary at Zapp Auto...but those powe supplys are 5amp peaking at 7 and the motors are in the range of 6/6.5 amp,Drivers 8amp a piece

    Will the motors be stepped down below their max amperage and will you have the power supplys connected in parallel?

    Just being curious:whistling:

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    Garys advice was to set the drivers to 6A and connect the 156 in parallel. The 188's only have 4 wires so no parallel.

  6. The 188's are parallel by default. And the power supplies are fine, the peak driver current is 6A, the average current is a lot lower... 66% is a good rule of thumb...

    Did Gary suggest one PSU per driver, or paralleling all PSU and driving all three drivers together? I'd consider going the latter route as it gives more overall headroom as its very unlikely all 3 drivers are running peak output simultaneously..

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    Yes Gary advised the latter, PSU wired in parallel.

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