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    Can buy the Seig C3 here for 390 new,sorry didn't see this until your post came up.

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    Hi Gary

    Here are the specs I found by searching on the model:

    2.5HP, 270 lit/min, 24 litre capacity, dual air outlet



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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeD View Post
    Can buy the Seig C3 here for 390 new,sorry didn't see this until your post came up.
    Hi, it's 460 on arc euro with the DRO's fitted the same as mine, add onto that the QCTP, wood lathe kit, thread dial indicator, carriage stop, drill chucks, Tailstock die holder, carbide, HSS & indexable tooling then it seriously starts to add up.

    not to mention all the other little things


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    Are you checking your PM inbox?

    Sent you three PM's and you still have not replied.

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    I am on 24hr call and had very little break from it so I do apolagise.

    I will go through my PM's now



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    Hello DJH.
    I wonder if you have sold all equipment or you still have powder coating gear for sale.
    If it still is waiting for the right person i am interested, provided the shipping to Denmark can be done for a reasonable price.
    Please respond.
    With regards

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    Got any ER20 collets for sale?


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    I would like to buy your Axminster MCB1155HD and agree to your price of 190.

    I guarantee that I will honor this committment and ask you to either email me <> or telephone 01233 713881

    I suppose you are in Newport. I grew up in Cardiff but now live in Kent. I could drive and collect myself if necessary, but it's a 400 mile round trip and my car does 25 miles to the gallon so I will also check the cost of a courier collection (at my expense, naturally).

    Hope it's not gone already!

    Regards, looking forward to hearing from you,


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    Hi again,

    Further to my earlier communication, I am also interested in your compressor and perhaps welder. These are not firm guaranteed commitments like my offer for your bandsaw.

    BTW, how does payment work on this site? I can send cash up front but you will appreciate that is very risky for the buyer. I got stung on eBay once for 700 by paying direct to a bank account. I never saw my laptop or my 700 again. On eBay I now ONLY use PayPal. How does it work here?

    Regards, Gareth.

  10. I recon the guys moved house by now the thread started almost 4 years ago!!!

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