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    These bearings are the ones available for sale from cncrouterparts.com. I had planned to use these but managed to source some HIWIN rail so there up for sale.

    You will find many build logs where these bearings are used at http://www.cncrouterparts.com/index.php?cPath=23.
    I also have 2 lengths of new 3" bright bar pre-drilled at 300mm c/c in which these bearings mount perfectly with no play and smooth operation. Bright bar if you dont already know is a drawn steel which is harder and more precise than normal mild steel. This material is the ideal solution to work with these bearings. The bearings can also be used on mild steel 6mm flat bar also as these are some adjustable grub screws on the underside of each carriage to move the lower bearings up and down.

    These are a top quality linear solution for anyone who doesnt wish to pay the high price of ground precision rail.

    This auction is for the bearings alone, if you want the flat bar this is an extra 40.00 + Delivery.

    These bearings alone with import duty and delivery cost me around 160 so grab a bargain.

    Asking for 99.00 for the 4 bearings and 40.00 for the 2 lengths of flat bar.

    Next day delivery is 7.95 for the bearings. Please PM me for the shipping for the rails and include your postcode please.
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