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    Hiya people,
    Im jay, from Selston in Nottinghamshire, ive been a cnc miller for 13 years now,I finally got the courage 2 months back to start my own precision engineering company which is slowly coming together now.
    Ive just joined up with the hope of getting a little help with a project of mine, and make some new friends and contacts along the way
    My project is for a tyre shaving machine, I designed and built a prototype last year, since then I have revised it and have orders to make them. Its basically a frame made of 40mm box section, a hub thats driven by a motor that turns the wheel. The cutting side is a rotating carbide disc mounted at 45deg to the tyre tread face, run by another motor.
    There are 2 axis that run the cutter along the face of the tyre, and another to wind into the tyre. It basically turns the tyre diameter down to a specific size.
    My new revision includes the following, ( which is what id like some advice on )
    linear bearings for both axis
    stepper motors to run axis (as well as a manual handle )
    plc to run a small program / or a cheap cnc alternative

    the move ment needs to be - set zero against the tyre, then move away from the datum to the side, move in .5mm , then across the tyre face, back , in .5mm , across , back , in .5mm and so on.
    will be taking around 4mm average off. Does anybody have any info on plc's etc or alternatives? Also the best place for my linear bearings etc.
    Thanks, and hello again.

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    Hi Jay,

    For motor control (alternatives to PLCs) you should check out mach3, or emc2, either will do the job.
    I've got to ask - why do you shave tyres?! (i shave mine on the tarmac)(as slowly as possible)

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    Hiya Tom, il have a look into that, thanks
    The tyre shaving is for motorsport use, the race tyres are supplied with around 7mm of tread, the ideal for the track is 4mm so my machine removes it and leaves the wheel totally concentric

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    With the business still fresh and not yet fully fledged, im still looking for new products to look into. If anybody has any ideas for the hobby machine builders etc im all ears ! I have a haas vf2 vmc with a 750mm bed, a vulcan vmc 1010 ( 1010mm bed) a vulcan 250 turning centre , 2 manual mills , 1 manual lathe , drills , polishing shop (stainless & ali ) and also have bobcad-cam v23 mill/turn/wire & bob art.

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    Hi jay
    welcome, I'll have to have a word with my mate who works for a company remolding lorry tyres. I'm sure he's mentioned somthing similar for removing the tread proir to remolding. I'll have to pay more attention next time he explains how it all works:whistling:

    That sounds like a nice workshop. I'd love to have all that machinery.

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    Hiya ross,
    Its not all mine unfortunately, a guy I have partnered up with has made the investment, I run his workshop for a sallery, and run my business along side it at a percentage of my work, best of both worlds really, ive got full capacity without the initial overheads and investment costs! Between the pair of us though I think moving forward as one is looking very promising!

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    You should have a look at Hanks post about the lack of entry level cnc parts for begineers, maybe thats where you step in...............


    Will you take on small one offs? I'm still at the chicken and egg stage of "it takes one to make one" and every time I think I'm all set some thing breaks or dosnt work. 1 step forward etc...

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    I was looking at that earlier, seems like there is a slight gap, but its knowing where to start, ie which products may be popular. As for one offs, its a yes, theyre kind of bread and butter for me at the minute, im getting a fair bit of interest in the motorsport scene through forums.
    Could anybody be kind enough to add to a list of possible parts a cnc builder may need/be intersted in

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    Hiya Tom, il have a look into that, thanks
    The tyre shaving is for motorsport use, the race tyres are supplied with around 7mm of tread, the ideal for the track is 4mm so my machine removes it and leaves the wheel totally concentric
    I find that an hour on track shaves 8mm off a brand new set of tyres no problem... and takes 3mm off the brake pads!
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