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    hi , I have just bought a Denford starmill but cant get it to work as i,m missing the desktop tutor and its on the old software , so !!! im going to binn the controller unit and fit a modern simple system , what i need is some advice , if any one has an idea of the size of the stepper motors on a starmill so i can get the right size driver , also dont suppose any one has a wiring diagram for a starmill ????



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    Hi Jamie,why not contact them direct?

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    thanks George

    did try talking to them on Friday but didnt get anywhere, maybe i just got the wrong guy ?? but im thinking that by the time i upgrade the hardware and software from denford it may be just as cheap to upgrade to a modern controller ,also i use featurecam software in work and would like to use it on the starmill

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    Well if you don't get any answers to your quest on here hasn't the site got a technical forum.

    Downloads here of old Dentfords machines...

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    thanks George

    i,ll give them another try tomorrow but am would like some advise on converting it myself if i cant get any joy from denfords

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    Try posting some pics here when you have enough post on your belt(spamtrap pops up with newbies until enough post generated)

    post as many pics of the internal bits and bobs and some close ups.

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    Hi Jamied

    I've not had much to do with CNC lathes but I'm sure there are others on here that have so keep asking, someone will answer soon.

    As far as starting from scratch then there are far to many options.

    Have you tryed Gary at Zapp? I'm sure he has experience in retro fitting lathes. To me its fairly simple just put motors where the hand wheels go and let Mach 3 do the rest, but in reality there is the fact that Mach wont know or care if it punges the toolpost into the chuck.

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    hi jamie, i'm just about to convert a starmill to Mach3, so i can give you a few pointers if you like. I've converted most of the Denford range to Mach and it's relatively easy. I'll pm you my contact details.

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    thanks for your assistance guys, George that control box is totaly different to my one , guess my box is older (1995 i think !) will get some pics up ,
    Tom , thanks I,ll give you a call later



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