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    You've lost me?

    I'm protecting the shroud from hitting the metal when I side weave,basically I'll be corner welding and that is tricky trying get the weld in the corner and at the same time stop the shroud hitting the sides of the eathed metal.

    It is the wire that creates the arc isn't it?
    Yes it is the wire that creates the arc, the shroud doesn't matter if it touches the metal as it's insulated from the end of the torch.
    Pull the shroud off, slight clockwise twist and you will see it has a smaller diameter sleeve inside that is insulated from the outer shroud by a ring of asbestos type insulation.

    What model welder is it ?
    John S -

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    Maybe I'm confusin the tip hitting the the earth and clogging thetip to the point it welds the wire to the copper tip?

    I guess the only way to find out is to use the thing.

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    Just goes to show that ebay is not all that cheap in some respects.

    Was lookin at the cheapest mild steel box section 25mmx25mmx3mm at 14 for 3mtrs plus 12 P&P so 6mtrs plus 12 =40.

    My local welders shop will do it at 25.60 includin VAT....sheeesh,its got to be a locality thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeD View Post

    I guess the only way to find out is to use the thing.
    Good idea.

    One thing with these cheap welder they never tell you is about a thing called duty cycle.

    Duty Cycle is how long you can use it at what setting. Look on the plate at the rear and it should give you some figures as a percentage.

    The adverts says 150 amps but Screwflicks blurb says 140 amps for this model ?

    So just guessing it will say something like 70 A @ 100%
    90A at 80%
    110A @ 60%
    120A @ 40%
    140A @20%

    What this means is that the % figure is based on 10 minutes, so at 70A you can weld all day and at 140A it's weld 2 minutes, rest for 8.

    For obvious reasons they don't make a big fuss of this. The more you pay the higher the figures.

    John S -

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    Hi George,

    Which part(s) of the machine are you thinking of using the 25mm box for? Might be a bit small, unless the machine is a little'un, or it is a space frame idea.
    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
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    It is only a small version ie 850x600, the gantry height about 300mm to 350mm?

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