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    this how I intend to add the lathe chuck to a 4th axis,I just love this guys vids,every thing related to his CNC build has been casted,machined and built from scratch except the newly added chuck.

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    Presume he's going to add an index pin because without it that belt is going to stretch and add all kinds of finish destroying vibrations. This is only a suggestion and a worm sprung gently down onto it's wheel may be more complicated to implement, but it could save you a lot of future problems if you want to cut anything harder than cheese.

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    You'll have to educate me here,Robin

    Where does the index pin actually reside,I know I think youmean bracing the turret and orientating?

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    Oops! I was thinking indexing, as you would for gear cutting, this looks more like rotary tables. I suppose the word is detente. Although a good friction brake with a hard pad might do the trick

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    Hah,thats better,how about like this?

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    Where does one get drive belts of this calibre without paying a kings ransom fo it?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeD View Post
    Hah,thats better,how about like this?
    Except thats a tool changer so has very few fixed positions. That one doesnt use a friction brake but a rigid locating pin. A true rotary 4th axis needs positive low-backlash locking such as a worm drive. Like this conversion (similar to mine) using the rotary controller documented elsewehre on this forum....

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    Yeah,but you're using an off the shelf poduct here which is adapted to suit the needs,Irving...I'm talking about making and constucting the parts ourselves to reduce overall cost which has been shown in the two previous vids I posted..

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    George, thats what life's about making use of what you can, to achieve what you want!! before you can build something on the quality in the vid you need some basic understanding of materials and how to build, and then some form of making the parts, a lathe, a drill press some hand tools and a lot of spare time.


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    The other thing to bear in mind is ... making parts yourself does not always work out cheaper ... and here speaks the voice of experience
    Tim G-C

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