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  1. I have a Clarke CMD10 mill for sale. I've not used it much and when I have its been used on wood.

    Its in good condition and I want 160 for it over 300 new. I live near Rotherham.

    Don't really use anymore and need the space to build a CNC foam cutter


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    Thats not a bad price there Keith.

    I've always noticed that Clarke(Machinemart) is way over the top with their prices for machinery.
    Have a large branch in this locality and to this day have never seen more than three or four customers in the shop at any given time and I've passed the shop many a time.

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    Hi Keith,
    Could you bring it to Bradford, West yorkshire? (I'll pay for the gaz)


  4. Hi RNR

    Sorry its been sold. I would have done otherwise


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    Ho, well... I guess I'll have to keep searching. :-)

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    Hi Keith,

    Out of interest, are you the same Keith who has posted on the GiantCod RC forum? If not, sorry to have troubled you.

    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
    MK1 (1st photo), MK2, MK3, MK4

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    Didn't know you could get radio controlled Cod, you learn something everyday don't you ?

    John S -

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    Hi John,

    GiantCod - yes, odd name but a popular cheap website for RC stuff. I wanted to know because he mentioned foam cutting, and I've posted to him, or someone with a similar name on that site. Just trying to chat to like minded balsa bashers . . .

    p.s you have a PM
    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
    MK1 (1st photo), MK2, MK3, MK4

  9. Hi Barry

    Yes I am, I've posted on GiantCod a few times. Use them for all my RC electric gear.

    My website is where I post all my builds. Latest one is a Vickers VC10. Actually the inspiration to build a cnc foam cutter as I've made so many templates for this plane. Should be posting a few more pictures in the next few days of the wing.


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    Hi Keith,

    I have posted as 'electric_baz' on there. Yes alright, stop laughing at the back . . .

    Anyway, part of your thread was a cnc foam cutter, so getting back to that - really looking forward to your posts of any machine you build. Can't remember seeing another foam cutter on this forum, seem to be more millers, routes, lathes, but I'm sure there are some out there ready to help . . .

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    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
    MK1 (1st photo), MK2, MK3, MK4

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