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  1. Hi Electric_baz

    Just ordered the motors and driver board today from ebay. I 'll start a new thread as it probably not the best place in this section.


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    Keith, just popped in to say a Big 'Thank You' for a Great deal on the miller and a for very pleasant transaction.
    Not used it in anger yet, but it looks right at home my clock repair shop!
    SWMBO thought I was nuts driving from Brid' to Rotherham for it, but then came along for the ride anyway ........ and spent the rest of the housekeeping at Hemswell antiques centre ;>))
    Peace reigns!

    All the best
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  3. Hi John

    Thanks for your kind comments. I'm glad your pleased with it. I've used the money to start my CNC project for a cnc hot wire foam cutter. Which I've started a post on this site.



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    Hi Englishlever,

    Suggest you cut and paste your 'Re the miller . . . ' question into a new post with a good title and help will be on it's way. They might not look in here, and this post has probably run it's wayward course.
    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
    MK1 (1st photo), MK2, MK3, MK4

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    My pleasure Keith,
    I'll take a look at your CNC project, it may spur me into getting my head around the technology, certainly uses for it in horological projects.

    Best regards


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    Whoops, will do.


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