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    Trying to drill a series of 3 or 4 holes in a spanner shaft without any joy

    The spanner is dropped forge steel and the HSS bits have just about scratched the sufacelol
    Any ideas to get me out of a pickle?

    This spanner is pemanently located under my router table in a manner it will be withdrawn from the collet nut and fed onto the nut when needed but I need to cut/drill a cutout in the shaft for it to go on the arc slide here.....
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    A carbide bit will drill through a file if you don't mind a few red hot sparks, or you could draw the temper or you could weld a tab on the side then drill that.

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    or you could weld a tab on the side then drill that
    Nice one Robin,think thats the most easiest option as I don't have carbide bit.

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    Just use a masonry drill. plenty of pressure when done bin it.


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    This is what I use when I come across a tough job.


    This is also the place I get most of my drills, nuts, bolts, washers, in fact lots of things. I doubt if you will find cheaper for such quality, and yes, you can get a thousand screws for a couple of squid. Much cheaper than B&Q.


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