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    Hi Wobblybootie,
    I'd also seen this link a while back. They made this cylone unit after suffering alot of health problems.

    The last link product didn't get a great review, but looked promising in the picture.

    In my dream w/shop I'd thought of arranging a seperate cupboard at one end (walk-in broom cupboard style), containing the induction motor type extractor with the dust collector at the bottom and filter bag at the top. This cupboard would vent through a grill to the outside via a small fan, and the cupboard door would also have a grill to give a through flow to remove the dust which escapes from the filter. The cupboard would have a 4" hole in one internal wall back into the main garage space which took the suction pipe from the cnc machine. This arrangement would make the unit very quiet, and no dust particles would enter the workshop. We can dream . . .
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    I am going down a similar route. I am lucky enough to look forward to a new shed in a few months time (after the fruit trees have done their thing as the build will be very close). I have planned for the extraction system and compressor to be housed in a 'lean to' section with the 4" ducting and airline entering via the end wall. At present I have an old version of a Axminster SFCA-200 with an home built 'inline' collector for larger chips etc. However I will be fitting a roof mounted filtration system (probably from Axminster) as well.
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    I have a 3 phase dust extractor for sale if you're interested, 2'sq and 4' tall. Not sure of the make as there's no makers panel on it, but it's all dark green with a tray at the bottom and a 2'sq filter section above this. There's a shaker arm on the right side, a rectangular exhaust at the back, and it has a 5" or 6" inlet on the right side.
    It's in excellent condition, just came from a college. It's still tested as well.

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    Here's a picture of my Homemade Clyclone
    I made it for next to nothing using a couple of old beer brewing buckets and a cone shaped piece of plastic :naughty:
    It worked a treat when I had my machine setup as a CNC Wood Router.
    I emptied several bins full of sawdust, but the secondary bags (Now removed) remained completely empty

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    So thats were the traffic cones are going. :heehee:

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    Hi all,

    Wow, loads of ideas! When I have something cobbled together I'll post some pictures!
    Thanks for the offer of the extractor i2i, but I'm only on singlephase (and build one of these looks fun....) :whistling:

    cheers again,

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