Started off with one of these, didnt last long GW Instek GPS-4303, 200W Quadruple Output DC Power Supply, 0-30V, 0-3A from Conrad Electronic UK
In a panic needed something quick next day Triple Output Power Supply : Bench Power Supplies : Maplin Electronics Gone down in price 21.

Caswell wasnt doing the kits then. Have done hard anodising three times by accident, dont ask how not a clue essentially same method i used to use for normal sulphuric.
Too true, drove me round the bend loosing electrical contact. Waste of time using aluminum wire, used to use wedges rammed in to a hole dead tight. 50/50 whether lost electrical contact. Used titanium a few times later on with a wall of lead lining one rear face of a fish tank. Larger 4ft tank lined with aluminium foil on bottom and rear face.

Always had trouble with the colouring and eventually figured its got to be warm but well short of boiling. The part will seal around 90+ degrees or become brown/purple/blue. Tried everything i could get my hands on for a dye, no substitute for the real thing.

Does the sulphuric go off, the little tanks been outside for at least 5 years?
4ft fish tank broke gallons.