1. Well, ive tried my hand at engraving some brass stock i had in the garage and i was supprised at the results!

    What you guys think?

    I used a 20* vbit machine time was 3.5hrs
    and about 15mins polishing
    2 mins to cut the wooden surround

    Alls i need to do now is lacquer the brass and the Oak.
    Thats after i fit the card holder.
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    Nice job done and looks a treat...Well done
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

  3. Cheers buddy!

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    Why 3.5 hours ? How big is the disk ?
    John S -

  5. Hi Johnyboy the disk is 90mm, what i did was to do 2 passes of 0.1mm stepdown and a step over of 0.1 as the tip of the cutter was 0.2mm, i wanted to see how detail i could get out of the machine.

    by the way the small txt (names) are 2mm high

  6. also the feed speed was about 70-80mm min

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    That's a v nice piece of work! After seeing it I went straight to your build log to see the machine that's capable of this... Again very nice - built to last!

  8. Thanks Tom, im in the process of making smaller cnc machines for metal work. based loosely on the infotec 330S, 650s and 660 models. but with better drive as standard (servo) when money allows i would like to put these into production but at a cheaper price than the equivalent thats around today.

    Thats the idea anyways.....

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    Hi can you tell me where you get the v bits from

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