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    Iv been having way too much fun researching, learning new skills and dreaming about how well it will all work out… I guess its time to put my penis back in my pocket and crack on with actually getting somewhere

    This will be a small and hopefully stiff machine, I’m only really nervous about my choice of stepper driver kit (Chinese 5axis TB6560) I could do with the extra axis to run a 4th axis…… So….. If anyone can offer any optimistic words about these Chinese driver kits pushing a router like this through ally and delrin I would be much obliged.

    Ballsrews 1605s
    THK-HSR25 pre-loaded for the X and Y
    NSK-LH20 for the Z axis but I’m not to sure I want to use these as they are not pre-loaded but I couldn’t resist them at £16 for 4 (new)

    The spindles I’m in the process of building... the small one I’m trying skate bearing on with Belleview washers (not to optimistic about those but A/C bearings with an 8mm id are hard come by) it runs at 10000rpm flat out with 12v
    The larger motor runs 2800rpm flat out on 12v and maintains loads of torque down to about 1000rpm, Iv an ER11 collet chuck with a 10mm shaft on its way which should drop straight in with the double row a/c bearing at the nose
    Anyway… cheers to anyone who has ever posted on mycncuk, Iv had a lot of fun reading of your trails and tribulations
    Ps the gantry sides are heavy extrusions… I couldn’t be arsed drawing them in :)
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    Nice design, I'm not sure I can find anything wrong with it

    maybe a slight tweak here and there but everthing seems to be where it should be, I like the Z axis thats how I think is the best way to do it, rails top and bottom on the gantry keeps the Z in nice and close and the wrap around connector is good to.

    The only thing is wether the RC motor will cut Ali !!! engrave yes but cutting ???

    Nice work cant wait to see it built and running
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    Hi Mark,

    I'm struggling to get past the first paragraph - did you mean pens back in your pocket !

    As for the machine, looks good, with some good features - upside down Z axis, Y axis ballscrew low down to reduce gantry side bending, twin X axis ballscrew, very stiff frame etc. etc.

    You can always sell the Chinese board when you outgrow it, safe in the knowledge that the basic m/c is sound.
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    cheers ross,,, i spent bloody ages trying to find a way to get the overhang down, i had the Y screw on the back of the gantry to kick off with but there is quite a bit of drag with the linear bearings and it seems to make sence to off set some of it with the screw at the front...... errrr if that makes sense:)

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    Personally I don't like the motors showing on the sides of a CNC,so I've takenthe liberty of relocating it.

    This would mean its belt driven and would have to have some clearence between Y axis and rail support.
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    sorry man.. yea i really did mean penis
    for 5axis the chinese boards are hard to ignore
    iv read plenty about them on this sight but i have no idea how much they lag behing the so called good stuff

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    Hi Mark

    You could add another worktable on top of that one, but a bit wider, to protect the expensive X axis bits from dust and debris to some extent.

    By the way, one of the x axis motors is making a break for it!

    Anyway, nice one.
    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
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    i know exsactly what you are saying about the motor hanging out and iv scratched my head over and over trying to tidy them away but at this point the design is an order parts and bolt together job, there is very little machining needed to get this one up and running... i can always make it look posh when iv got the ability to machine:naughty:

  12. what power output do those spindles give?

    Other than the machine rigidity, which looks quite reasonable (tho if you wanted to improve it take the side panels down under the table and crossmember there with a diagonal gusset) the main limitation on machining ally with any reasonable effectiveness will be spindle power.

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    i was thinking of a rubber skirt attached to that bed to protect the rails

    i know the drawing isnt perfect but the meat of the idea is there and i had to start buying in the gear before i started putting go faster stripes on my drawing!!! :heehee:

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