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    could use a really high feedrate with the cutter going at 60krpm
    look on ebay for ceramic dental drill bearings(china), if i remember correctly about £25 for 5... iv not commited to those yet, my high speed spindle is way down my list at the mo but im looking forward to having a crack at making it work

    Can't you get the existing spindle to drill nice grid of holes in the bed plate when it's all set up? That's what I'm intending to do.
    im considering it........ im sh*t scared ill press go and end up with a road runner carved into my nice plate lol

    ill need to stick a biro in my spindle and work on my confidence :)
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    im starting to wonder if i know what im doing with this thing
    Click image for larger version. 

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    iv got a 12v 30A power supply in there for the spindle (couldnt fit the 45A in)
    a 24v 15A for the steppers and a 5 axis china special :)
    an old pentum4 system shoe horned in with a low profile cooler and a right angle riser for the graphics card, looks like it might get a bit warm in there and im right glad iv used sheilded cable for home switches and steppers

    i used to throw this motherboard out of my way a couple of months ago :whistling: iv been holding it with two hands and tiptoing back n forth with it like its a new born baby.... i did test it before i comssioned it for a new life, in fact all the gear has been tested but im still going to squint my eyes first time i flick the on switch

    can anyone tell me if ill be ok leap frogging the mains on all three power supplies and using a 220v 16A switch to turn the whole thing off (after the pc side of things has shut down of course)

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    At full rating and 100% efficient thats only 1 kw so at 50% efficiency 2KW at max, I expect most times it will draw a lot less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptjw7uk View Post
    2KW at max, I expect most times it will draw a lot less.
    cheers man, wiring isn't my strong point

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    I would put a separate fuse on each power supply. Whatever is standard for the computer (3A?), and probably similar for the power supplies. Bear in mind the surge current when you switch it on will be quite high. In my case switching on the stepper motors briefly dims the light in my workshop.

    Oops, just realised you're talking about a switch not a fuse Nevermind I'll leave this here.

    I'm liking where you've chosen to mount the electrics.

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    dims the light in my workshop
    youve got heafty setup compared with mine

    should i also run an earth to my frame, the power supplies are bolted to the frame but iv no idea how conductive the surface of anodised aluminium is ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    I'm liking where you've chosen to mount the electrics.
    The electrics look nice but really should be as far away from dust as possible.

    There are people on the zone that have put the controls in a separate room with air from outside to cool the electrics.


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    as far away from dust as possible.

    ill not be cutting wood on this one (acetal/delrin) so i shoulden't suffer the unusual levels of dust that some of you lads have

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    I thought our drivers were the same? I've got 4 PM752 drivers on a 500VA (I think) toroidal transformer. Maybe it's the big capacitors that cause it...

    I think the surface should be conductive enough for an earth. Whether it's a good idea or not I'm not sure. I'd be inclined to say yes.

    Good point about the dust. Any fans in there are going to blow in a lot of dust. I found about a 5mm layer of wood dust (and some metal swarf!) in my computer when I cleaned it out on Friday. Probably should have made sure the case side didn't keep falling off, but still...

    Edit: didn't see your last post in time :(

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    I thought our drivers were the same?
    no, im on a chineese 5 axis TB6560, iv no idea if they will be enough, its a small machine but the gantry weighs almost as much as i do :) .... i think in some parts its over engineerd, i was trying to play it safe, the 20mm plate on the gantry sides are the week link.... i designed it with 200mm x 40mm extrusion but valuframe ran out of stock and couldn't find any

    its amazing how much more the gantry sides flex in the Y axis compared with the X axis
    ill stick some sort of buttress on them if its a problem

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