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    though id have a play with my attempt at an engraving spindle
    the motor is 4000kv so in theory it should run at 48000rpm at 12v
    i managed to find an extra long engraving bit 115mm and mounted it straight through the motor and put three plain ball bearings at the nose

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    i ran it flat out for a couple of min's and both the motor and the bearing housing got pretty hot pretty quick
    im not overly worried about the motor getting hot its to be exspected IMO but i think the bearings on the nose are soon going to be way above 110 degrees..... i think ill test it to destruction before i look at water cooling i just cant bring myself to do it just yet, ill admire its simplicity and form for a while longer and have a think about it :)

    another problem i might have... when i run it up i can hear a bearing skidding now and again, im pretty sure its one of the motor bearings (only paid £7.50 for it new) so that will need upgraded bearings pretty soon

    has anybody had a go at sharpening an engraving bit ?????? this one cost me more than the motor
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    Why is it that no matter how careful i am measuring and marking out i allways end up having to oval a slack hand full of holes, each time i start a new project i think " this is it now, im on it, iv learned by my mistakes and THIS time its all gona work like a bobby dazzler"...........Bollocks!!! there must be a tare in the space time continuum cause im buggard if its me! :)
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    anyway, its starting to look like my drawing now, i drilled all the holes using my larger diy spindle and my Y axis up-ended as a sort of pillar drill (didnt want to be swinging around with a hand held)

    im pretty sure ill have to oval a couple more holes when it comes to trueing it up but iv got a sh*t load to do before its finished and i dont want to think about it :)

    (anyone thinking of useing helli mode on a RC speed controller, dont bother, it dosnt seem to hold revs any better than standard and it has a slow wind up to speed so every time you jam your drill you have to pause for it to catch up)

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    Nice one Chip... it helps knowing im not the only one trying to drill around corners
    bad luck on the Z plates, im going to start marking mine out tomorow
    ill try some Zen meditation in the morning....... OMMMMMMMMMMMM

    ps: do you think id get 20mm alli plate through my printer :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackburn mark View Post
    I guess its time to put my penis back in my pocket and crack on with actually getting somewhere
    LMAO, im glad im not the only one who makes good use of a chest mounted, shirt pocket :naughty:!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    LMAO, im glad im not the only one who makes good use of a chest mounted, shirt pocket :naughty:!
    well just make sure you NEVER put your scribe and your penis in the same pocket lee.... worse than a stainless splinter under the finger nail :)

    youve done alright getting the hobnob crew to cnc your gantry sides man!!! me n chip can only hope you got the drawing wrong :) xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackburn mark View Post
    me n chip can only hope you got the drawing wrong :) xx
    Why ?

    I don’t think it is, I spent ages working everything out and it looks right to me. I didn’t have the privileges of software to model everything first and check everything that way. So I had to do it all on paper and in my head, then draw each part using an image editing/design program I use for my web work.

    Steve has then worked from those drawings and done well too, or did you mean something else?


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    steady on lee... im just yanking your chain.... hope it fits together like a glove, theres nowt worse than having to re-work holes (or in laymans terms, re-insert the drill and swing around a bit)

    mucho respect for drawing yours out on paper, thats got to take some mental accrobatics, i would have struggled without the 3D drawings... its soooooo easy to re-work a drawing compared to re designing during a build but, like i said marking out by hand always manages to catch me out a mm or two hear and there no matter how careful i try to be, hopfully steve has saved you the pleasure :)

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    Mark if you don't have a pillar drill and vice, drill a hole the size you want a spare piece metal and clamp that over your intended spot then use that as your guide
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    No offense taken Mark, when I said “privileges of software” I meant literally that because your right it was a night mare trying to concentrate and do it all on scrap bits of paper and so on. It would only take one of my kids to walk in and say something and I would have to start over again hehe.

    I know what you mean by “marking out by hand”, this is another reason I wanted the plates made on a cnc, I’ve got a steel ruler and an engineer’s scribe but I really didn’t want to even try it. Plus ordering Ali you’re not getting the shapes you want ether and that is another “issue” if you don’t have a proper saw or guillotine to cut with.

    I need to find a CAD program I can afford that will allow me to build 3d models, parts and make assembles, what did you use for your drawings Mark?

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    hi lee, iv been giving solidworks a go, i quite like it but it is a tad exspensive, its a lot to take in if its your first go in cad but if you press on with it long enough you will get into it

    i want to give the solidcam sofware a go to make g-code but iv not got that far yet

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