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    Re collada 3D Models please

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    Sketchup and collada------MIGHT HAVE FOUND ANSWER-----its STL and FREEMILL:::::been playing for 2 days and have forgotten easy way I got from dae to STL........tomorrow I HOPE I CAN FIND IT AGAIN:

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    free cad and cam software, gmax which is a free lite version of 3d studio max can do 2d and 3d modeling,

    to generate toolpaths the cnc toolkit which is a plugin for gmax

    quite a steep learning curve but its free , have a look in the cnc toolkit gallery

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    John----GMAX leads to aprogram called GSIMPLE--looks good but no tutorials ,so dont know what to do with it---------CNC TOOLKIT leads to files with .GMAX format which I cant open......I am notaa computer expert and free cadcam programs always lead me to deadends like I am learning Sketchup----regards

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