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    Sorry it was the Microlux not the Taig.

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    Plastic gears don't not always mean poorer quality either it can mean a much quieter lathe? Look at the big Kerry lathes they have two and thats on pro kit
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    wrt to ArcEurotrade C3 'wins' over the Clarke C3, I was more thinking of the more powerful Motor (500W), longer bed, the leadscrew cover (I have an Axminster C2 mini lathe & the crud on the leadscrew gets right on me tits) .....then there's the Cam locking Tailstock (which would set you back another thirty quid) ....all those improvements for 35 less than the older variant Clarke sells for.

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    wrt to ArcEurotrade C3 'wins' over the Clarke C3
    Well they would say that wouldn't he....otherwise he'd lose a

    The superC3 is the Clarke model as well.

    Anyway hows your tits?

    If all goes to plan (legs and fingers crrossed) its less than half the price of a new one. :whistling:

  5. There are many minilathes on ebay, Warco, Chester, Axminster, Seig, Clarke etc... given that the best 'new' price is about 360 for the 350mm 400W version with a 4" chuck (forget the 3" ones, you cant use the full spindle bore). Throw in a 4-jaw and steady and some tools and your looking at 480 delivered... a secondhand one, year or so old is typically 250-300 (mine was at the lower end of that), tho you get people asking nearly new prices... but they rarely sell. Anything less than 300W (there are 150 and 250W ones) is a waste of money. MachineMart are way overpriced compared to others... for the same product.

    As to size... I've not outgrown mine yet, tho its come close on one or two jobs...

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    Its 250,30 of that is shipping and it has everything I need without going out and buying stuff for it.

    2xrest different ones
    3xcentersplus arbor
    1xarbour and chuck
    1xbox of cutters
    1xbox of drill bits

    Various other pieces.
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    Sorry if this is *totally* the wrong place for this. (I will make a proper thread in the selling corner in due course)...
    But if you're interested I'll be selling my Seig C3 with dual digital readouts, and digital spindle speed readout in the next week or so. URGENTLY need the space to put my CNC in it's place.
    Unit is a few months old <10 hours on it I reckon!
    (I spent longer stripping it down, cleaning, tuning and tinkering with it than I actually did using it to machine parts!!)

    Bought from Arc EuroTrade, will include various bells and whistles, ANDthe extra bearings for swapping out in the headstock if you want... (I never got around to swapping them)
    Can deliver to Liverpool/Manchester/Nottingham region depending on times.
    Not going to ask the world of for it, sad to see it go so soon - but REALLY can't afford the space and to keep it.


    Edit: Forgot to mention: It has the quick change tool post and a load of tools too etc...
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    Send me a PM,Dan.

    Will let you know tomorrow depending on this one if it transpires.


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    I looked up the guys address where the lathe was coming from on Google street view,and when I turned around after seeing the house I seen a model shop :surprised: the model shop was directly facing the house where the guy lives across the square.

    Bit of a coincidence that ain't it?

    Sad thing is it won't get here till monday now due to him not meeting the deadline at 1400 collection...bu**er.

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