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    Will have to make a guard for over the apron wheel...or its a case of ow,ow...ow...ow

    due to little hot pieces of metal hitting me hand. lol

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    John S -

  3. Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeD View Post
    Its only for the rear spindle inserts for a couple of different sized longish bars to stop the whiplash.

    Just turned this threaded rod down from 12mm to 10mm for the bearing,chuffed I am... don't want to push it on all the way just yet as the end bit needs a screwthread on it tolockthe bearing in place,mind you it doesn't really need it as the bearing is a tight fit.

    Forgotto say,this is stainless steel.
    Seems to me George you need to practice some more on other materials and learn something about feed rates, depth of cut and surface finish... that shaft shouldn't be scored like that, it should near mirror finish like the outside of the bearing...... I hope you weren't using the apron wheel to traverse the cut and were using either the topslide or, better still , the powered feed...

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    What part of the shaft are we talking here,Irving? if its the part where the bearing is seated then thats the threaded part ie I can't turn down anymore as the bearings bore is 10mm and as it stands now is perfect fit with a thou difference to accomodate forcing the bearing on.

    If its the end part? then it doesn't matter as I stated it will be threaded for a locking nut

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    What size tooling is the norm for these mini lathes? fed up trying to get the dead center height...the 3/8 are nearest but the height is marginally over center.

  6. Thats why you need a QCTP, its easy to set the height... and 8mm is the norm and then shim it... 3/8" is 10mm and is marginally too big unless you use a QCTP...

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    Hi Irving.

    I'll be using 10mm shank tools from wendsday.took it into a local machine shop to have 3thou taken off the sole of the toolpost...he's only charging me a tenner. :dance:

  8. Don't forget the the tip location varies from tool to tool... even if you skim the footplate (which is what I did on my larger lathe so i could use modern 16mm cutters instead of 5/8"), you will still have to shim on a tool by tool basis. Thats why a QCTP is such a time saver.. one clamp block per tool and then you can swap them around without resetting the height.

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    Well,when one of my bets comes in I'll continue to suffer to change bits,until then monitary funds are low...well at least thats what she says. :whistling:

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    My first serious piece on the mini lathe...the rail mounts,this is only one...need 3 more for the bed.
    Not too bad methinks,bore diameter is spot on...only need to drill four equal holes around the shoulder. :dance:

    Click image for larger version. 

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