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  1. Very true that Boggy.
    That's Mr Tandard to you, young whipper-snapper :LOL:

    No need for a big rod then.

    Was going to email the bloke and ask him where he found his big rod. lol
    The Hardinge HLV-H (Frank has a Sharp copy) tail-stock weighs about 35-40kg (about the same as whole of your clarke lathe) and, with 50 odd square inches of base, tends to 'stick' to the bed, making it a right b******d to move - So, you don't move it unless you have to, that's why Frank's has a big rod ;)
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    I just use a DTI?

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    I just use a DTI?
    Why the question mark?

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    I was wondering what I was missing. Why pop the centre and use a pair
    of centres when you can use a DTI? I have a few minutes I will set up a bit
    of square and try and make a video if anyone wants to see it.
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    try and make a video if anyone wants to see it.
    We're all eye's...well I am anyway.

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    I set up a chunk of square, actually took longer to find a bit than
    to set it up. The video is really crappy, I know what's going on cos
    I was there;-) Holding a camera and doing something is too difficult
    for me.

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    You should aquire a tripod then.

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    I did try with a tripod, the lathe has a window behind it and all you could see was the sillohette of the gauge;-)
    What it needs is a flexible, but lockable, arm to mount the camera on.
    Seeing the marking on a DTI isn't easy if the picture shows much of whats going on. I did a video of a gear that
    had runout, to show the people who supplied it, I used a 4" face gauge so you could see it. I don't think I can use
    the big gauge to set a square as it probably won't clear the corners.

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    So your using the corners as a means to centralise the block?

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    Moving the corners would be to complicated for me;-) I set up the flats.

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