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    Whats the name of those hollow tubes that you insert into the chuck for protection of the workpiece? ie supposing I want to turn the end of a threaded rod from 10mm down to 8mm I need to protect the thread from damage,whats the insert called?
    soft brass shim, or even thick paper will do the job

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    soft brass shim
    Nope,that brings up all manner of shims except the name of the item I'm looking for.

    Can't find the youtube vid where the bloke propely named it befoe he used it on the lathe.

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    Oh bugger,I only need a soft metal tube near enough the diameter of the threaded rod then use a slitting saw to slice it tdown the middle. tsk!

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    I don't know about tubes, I always cut up an aluminium soft drink can into strips with a pair of scissors, to put between the jaws and the job to prevent bruising.


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    Would a collet be any good? (5C type etc)
    Tim G-C

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    I suppose its name is that of a collet since its a sleeve with a slit in it,made one out of a bit of 15mm copper piping...very easy to do. :whistling:

    Hopefully my new toy turns up tomorrow,can't do any weldin today...its hissing down here.

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