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    I'm sure dice don't have an hole in the center.

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    Geoffrey, sorry, George,

    To sell something there has to be a market. Have you ever looked at the price of the raw material you're talking about? Once you've added that into the selling price I think your market for simple cheap motor mounts disappears.

    You haven't mentioned what profession you've retired from, but I'm willing to bet it wasn't engineering.
    Engineering 101:
    Doubling or quadrupling price must double or quadruple performance/usefulness to customer. Otherwise which fool is going to pay?!
    True, plastics could be stiffer (though not measurably in this application), and they may be more dimensionally stable (measurable but not functionally important in this application), but they're not 200% stiffer and 200% more stable.
    End of lesson.

    If you find an exception to that rule (a fool who IS willing to pay) I suggest you don't post it in this thread, but keep it quiet and work on it. Next post should be of the Porsche you've bought with the rude profit made. :whistling:

    But most people are not fools. And to those sensible folk who recognise what they're seeing, I am offering MDF motor mounts! Clicky

    PS. Thanks for keeping this thread at the top of the replies list. Very helpful.
    PPS. Lee, you can't. My mom has already patented them.... lol

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    Otherwise which fool is going to pay?!
    Same fool that buys MDF mounts.

    Whats your problem Tom? I'm only trying to help here and you have a better chance of selling ten Nylon/Delirin mounts faster than its taken you to sell the one MDF mount.

    It only takes a shoulder and two spacers tomount a motor plus four bolts and nuts&washers.

    Oh and you have also a better chance of selling the MDF mounts in the stepper motor catagory on ebay rather than in the quagmire of the automation catagory.

    Ok I'll not bother your post again.

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    Lives in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Last Activity: 3 Weeks Ago Has been a member for 9-10 years. Has a total post count of 176. Referred 1 members to the community.
    Thanks for your suggestion about the stepper motor category - it's genuinely useful.

    As for the other comments it's the tone that doesn't sit well. If they're helpfully meant it certainly doesn't come across that way. I'll list them in order for you...

    Thats why I never even considered MDF in my build(When I get round to it)
    measured with my digi caliper,applied heat from a paint stripper gun for 1 minute
    Are you saying they don'tget hot after 2 or3 hours
    No takers for you mounts there,Tom. Back to the drawin board,
    like to think it would be worth getting out of bed for,John.
    And finally,
    Same fool that buys MDF mounts.
    See what I mean. Not exactly open-minded, inclusive, constructive comments are they. In the month you've been a member on this site, very similar stuff has been plastered over almost every thread. George, if you dish this rubbish out, you've got to be able to accept it back occasionally.

    I'm only sorry that I was the one who stooped low enough to dish it out publicly. Since no-one wants to read this stuff (what does it have to do with CNC?), lets stop here. Thanks.

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    Oh for heavens sake,has all that wound you up? they're my views on MDF,Motors do get hot when run constantly, 3rd to last quote was a light jesting and the 2nd to last quote was an answer to Johns post not aimed at you or your MDF mounts ie I wouldn't get out of bed for a job that didn't pay less than 10 an hour in general.

    And the last question is true.

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    I bet you would gt out of bed for a cuppa T? and that would cost you instead of paying you. George i really do think that you do not think? I think that you think that you think but really you never think? sometime opinions are there to show a different light or help for improvement. They can also be there to save a mistake for later? trouble is your opinions save nothing and later is always sooner for you....................

    That is my opinion and if anybody else would like to take anything from that opinion it may save a mistake for you? I teach my kids that the biggest rule in life if you want to get on is to listen listen listen, if you don't you learn nothing.
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    By the way the mounts are great idea and proves you listened to something to get a good idea going in the first place ;-)
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    No we are all waiting for Georges brilliant router build so we can all take the piss out of that. What goes round comes round.

    Full marks to Tom for getting out of bed and making something that can [a] help others with their build and [B] give him an incentive to use and improve his machine.
    John S -

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    Looking forward to seeing that build too . . .!

    George. Your posts tend to come across as someone with extensive knowledge about the subject, giving out pearls of wisdom, yet at the same come across as someone who is just starting out on the subject. By your own admission you are a beginner, and therefore this is generally annoying.
    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
    MK1 (1st photo), MK2, MK3, MK4

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    Great effort and thank you for offering your services!

    Here is what I did, with hand tools. Maybe you could speed things up by using your cnc machine.

    What do you think Ross? lol
    Looks damm fine to me, but maybe if you added this it would keep every one happy :lol:

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