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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeD View Post
    The best people to advise you on woodlathes are ones that use wood lathes....
    Speak for yourself, I'm a fully qualified wood turner, 3 years at the London College of Furniture

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    Ok Robin...don't bite me head off.

    Its like someone going into a Fruit&Veg shop and asking for a pkt of band aid plasters.

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    Thanks for the replies - this is great! Robin - I do have a tailstock which is on the other half of the split bed, includes adjustment and centre, my interest in the faceplate was to have a go at a small bowl as a trial piece so I guess I need to get the diameter of the thread as was suggested. Thanks for the tips too, it is 40+ years since I last used a wood lathe!

    GeorgeD - thanks too - I will peruse the forum further with interest.

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    Your lathe was obviously made by someone with a Picador catalogue, very possible a Picador spindle, you may find the thread size is in there, fittings may be available

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    Assuming right handed turner ...
    I use the 45X45 method with my bowl gouges (fingernail grind)
    1 Tool tip on centre line with toolrest as close to the blank as possible
    2 Angle handle end of tool 45 deg away from your body
    3 Drop handle end of tool 45 deg downward
    4 Move the tool in until the bevel rubs the blank, gently twist tool anticlockwise until a very small section of the cutting edge starts to cut ... tooling must be 'scary sharp'

    Others may use differing methods.
    Tim G-C

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wobblybootie View Post
    I use the 45X45 method with my bowl gouges (fingernail grind)
    ... and you have to advance the tool as you head for the centre.

    Fortunately, it takes so long to do your first bowl you will be an expert at this before you get to the finishing cuts

    Don't be tempted to go thin, it will split when it dries out. If you really want to go thin season it some more after removing most of the wood.

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    I had a look on line, looks like Picador are mainly into polishing machines nowadays, I guess some parts are the same - car boot here we come!

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