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    hi all
    just hello from south wales.
    just got 2 cnc routers from a school dirt cheap,they are conect routers.
    now my plan is to change the control boards.
    1 how easy is this going to be.
    2 can a complete novice do this.
    speak soon

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    Hello Andy,

    Welcome to the forum...
    In answer you your questions:
    1) I don't know these routers, but almost anything's possible with the right approach. :)
    2) Certainly a novice who's willing to do lots of research, learn quick, and ask a few questions.

    Why not post some pics of the machines to get the thoughts flowing?

  3. Hi Andyand welcome

    Do you mean routers or mills? We love pics here...

    We have several members who have converted Conect equipment, so you'll have plenty of hand-holding.... there's at least one such member in your neck of the woods too...

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    hi all
    couple of pics for you
    Attachment 2597Attachment 2596

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    Done two of the ones in the second pic, never seen the first model though.
    John S -

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    hi all
    ok first off thanks all for the welcome.

    done some searching and found this,The kit of an M401 control card, 3x STEP1 cards and a set of connectors and crimps is available for £350 is that ok or can i do it cheaper.

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    Wow,100 squid each.

    That first pic contains a B&D router the very first model of B&D routers,noisy as hell.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Done two of the ones in the second pic, never seen the first model though.
    Can't imagine it would be that hard to do tho...

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    One point with the second one though.
    After these were converted the owner wanted to use them for engraving on brass but due to the long travel on the Z and to be honest the skimpy build of the Y and Z axis the quality of the cut wasn't great.

    They would have been fine for wood or foam in education and with a 12 " clearance in the Z I'm guessing they would have been more for foam or machinable plastic.

    Just a heads up before you get too deep into them.

    John S -

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    could i just put this into 1 of my machines.

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