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    if you want to control speed thats what you will need. infinately variable 0 to full speed
    you just need 1 double pole changeover relay to switch the original contactor, controlled by the direction signal. these are only a fiver ish from rcelectronics on ebay.

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    So anyway today I was having a play making sure the limits were setup properly.

    Then the 24v psu started to smoke and burn so I defiantly need a new one now.

    Secondly, I was looking for some cas/cam software for lathes! But came up with uber expensive stuff

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    oops. smoke is always expensive!
    cant help with cam software. i write everything i want with gcode
    for lathe its quite easy as its mainly arcs and segments for the things i make

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    i would love to write in just G Code lol

    a new psu wont cost much tbh

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    its easier to learn than schoolboy french
    there are only about 20 commands for lathe, and thats including the complex stuff.
    if you have mach 3 open it and press g code button, there is a good explanation of most things there. or its in the manual.
    its way more complex to get a cam post processor sorted to spit out the right code for a lathe with reversed x axis like on boxford!
    reversed arcs can give very weird results so try to find the right post for the program you will be using and test it with no material in the chuck first.
    i was lucky (unlucky) that my first router had to be programmed by hand at the control panel so i had to learn it.

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    Cheers for the info mate.

    Anybody got any decent links for a 24 v supply?

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    i get mine from because if anything goes wrong in warranty its sorted straight away. you may pay a bit more than ebay

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    I have seen this,

    Do you think this will be ok, the geckos are putting out 2A to each motor so 6.5A should be ok, 150w

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    seen what? lol

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