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    Well... this week is very much bittersweet; as mentioned elsewhere I'm sadly selling my trusty Sieg C3 lathe :cry:
    It has been a great little lathe, however I've bought a mint condition Boxford 160 TCL to take its place (Needs upgrading first though...!)

    The C3 lathe is in great condition; VERY little usage. It has digital readouts (DRO) on both axis's and a digital spindle speed display on top. This is the metric leadscrew version, and has the cam-lock tailstock. It was bought from ArcEuroTrade not that long ago.

    When it arrived I tore it down, cleaned, degreased, put-back-together, and tuned it up; until it was running very well. Since then it has had minimal usage, just the odd part or two in aluminium and brass.

    Attached is a photo from a while back (apologies for the poor photo). I cleaned it up really well last weekend and moved the lathe out so will update the photos over the next few days.

    What's included:
    • Sieg C3 Lathe (obviously!)
    • Cam-lock tailstock
    • Drill chuck and arbor
    • Quick-change toolpost + holders
    • Several lathe tools
    • Both sets of jaws for the 80mm, 3 jaw chuck
    • 2x new suitable bearings should you want to upgrade the headstock
    • Large custom manuals (LOADS of info in these!)
    • Some odds and ends, like extra gears and what not. + Probably some other things I've forgotten. ;)
    I'm based in Warrington; collection is accepted, if you're not too far I will be happy to deliver or meet at a sensible distance.
    Cash on collection is preferred; but open to other sensible payment means. (And no; STAMPS not accepted! - yes, I've been genuinely asked on eBay is someone could pay for something I was selling with stamps!!! )
    Anyone wanting to have a look over the machine can do before hand; totally fine with me - but I assure you, no issues with it

    So; price?
    I'm asking *only* 350.
    Bargain if you ask me! :naughty:

    Any questions, drop me a PM or give me a ring.

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    You'll be sorry when this goes,Dan.

    In the past I was forever buyin tools and then sellin them on when strapped for cash...never again will that happen.

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    Ahh... I need the space :(
    Plus the CNC lathe was bought as a direct replacement. I know what you mean though; I'm sure the time will come where I think "if only I had a manual lathe; I could just jump on and turn this down a bit..."
    But the CNC mill, and now this CNC lathe should be capable of most jobs :)


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    Just a little bump... :)
    Still for sale; needs to go within 2 weeks.

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    This lathe is now *sold*.
    Many thanks to all who have PM'd interest.


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