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  1. Hi GeorgeD

    Yes the width can be adjusted to suit. The only thing between the towers is the hot wire,


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    How do Keith.

    You do well to put the towers on a sliding base for differing widths apart.

    ie use some T channel aluminium rack and rebate the T track in 25mm baseboard and then space the towers when ever you feel the need to widen them?or just have them permanently affixed to a base board because there's no stability in that design ie a gust of wind will blow em over :heehee: and thats not good for the motors//mechanics if you want to avoid damage.

  3. Hi George

    The towers will be clamped/screwed down on a base. The tension on the hot wire would certainly pull them over. The main reason I chose this design is that I have quite a small workshop so when not in use I can store them away. Once I've built this one I'd like to do a cnc router but I'll really need to work that one out, with the space I have. Problem I have is that a lot of space is taken up by 10 radio controlled planes of different sizes and I have 2 kits that I haven't even started yet.


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    Not to big...hmmm! how about this size? fits neatley on the workbench and has a static z axis,could easily be made to the size of your requirements.

  5. Hi George

    Phew! what a website. Very impressive certainly an inspiration to us all. I'll have a good read of it later certainly some real good information. Have you any recommnedations for lead screws at a reasonable cost. I've seen foam cutters done with threaded rod but most peope seem to recommended a ACME screw thread.


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    I'm making my own lead screws from Derlin.

    I could make you some at a reasonable price,send me a PM if interested?

    For your foam cutter,M12 threaded rod will suffice.

    oops! make that....

    Making my own ball nuts from Derlin. lol
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    That is a good machine, cant go wrong with linear rails, metal construction and fixed gantry

    oops! make that....

    Making my own ball nuts from Derlin. lol
    Or even Leadscrew nuts???

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    Hi Keith, how is your hot wire cnc progressing? Just joined to learn more about cnc routing and hopefully build one in the future but have already built a foam cutter from the same plans you are using. I used hobbycnc foampro board and stepper kit and running it with GMFC, it is a simple machine, works reasonably well but quite slow compared to more complicated but smoother running builds, cuts great cores that are so much better that anything possible with a drop arm set up and no more template cutting which for me is the best bit of all. I would recommend using a bow for the hot wire though, the spring set up in the plans puts tension on the towers and the drawer sliders need all the help they can get. Like your website by the way, you may find mine interesting also


  9. Hi mark

    Foam cutter is on hold for a few months. I have all the parts and just need some time. I'm concentrating on my VC10 build which is a 2 year project that I'm coming close to finishing. The VC10 was the inspiration for a cnc foam cutter, so many templates. I hope to use the cnc foam cutter for fuselages as well. I'm aiming to make a Lancaster with it. I already have a Priory Models Lancaster, in a a bit of mess after a crash but I would like to be able build one a lot lighter. Thanks for king comments on the website, your looks slick as well. I'm hoping to start back on the foam cutter after Christmas this year. Good advice on the bow, I wondered if the spring on the wire would cause some issues with the towers.



  10. Been a while since I've posted here but due to other RC projects foam cutter had to take a back seat. Well I'm glad to say I've finished building and it works!! Just jogging the motors at the moment with Mach3 but all seems good. Calibrated the motors today now I need to get some 4 axis gcode generated. Posted some new pics on my website scroll to the bottom. Next bit is deciding which software to use to generate the gcode. Currently playing with a demo version of FoamWorks with a 30 day license.


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