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    Looks like a nice project. My 3D printer uses M8 threaded rod, it works surprisingly well considering the price. I have always had doubts about the accuracy, but when printing at a resolution of around 0.1 mm it is not critical. The bigger problem I have is "wobble", although I think that is more of a design issue with the printer frame.

    Unfortunately, the price hike to leadscrew is pretty steep. I priced up 4 sets of 10mm leadscrew and it was way too much. I would be better putting it towards a new machine.

    A couple of questions: how is the wire tensioned? Presumably it has some stretch to allow for change in distance while it is cutting a profile?

    Is there anything special in the software setup to handle the fact you effectively have two X,Y coordinates? My understanding of the GCode machine model is that all axes in a G1 move are synchronised and coordinated, so it does not matter how or where the axes are.

  2. Hi Bobc

    Wire will be tensioned by spring to allow for the x axis on both towers to move interdependently for cutting tapered wings. I'm testing out different software but profili2 pro has 4 axis for foam cutters and foamworks generates the gcode as well.

    post some more pics up soon when I have it cutting some foam


  3. Hi Guys

    Few more updates. I've added home/limit switches and run some test cuts. Its starting to become a bit easier now. Here's a link on my website CNC Config Mach3 and TB6560 with some sample cuts and setup.
    I've documented the configuration so anyone else using the same set up can save a bit of time and head scratching.
    The biggest learning curve I think is getting all the software to work, but I use Mach3 and profili2 which do good job. I'm also looking at InkScape as there is a gcode extension for it. Might use this to cut fuselages.


  4. The Following User Says Thank You to rckeith For This Useful Post:

  5. This video show the flying wing I made with the cnc foma cutter its on my video page RC Video's - rcKeith | Projects

    It was a quick test to see how it could cut wings and what a fantastic flyer its is. Its my favorite flyer now. Goes like stink and can fly at snails pace as well.
    Have now purchase DevFus software to make fuselages which I going to test on a 50 inch wing span Hurricane.


  6. I've added a lot of details to my build including plans, instructions and parts/cutting lists all at my website . I've have a video almost ready that should be up in a few days on using Profili Pro 2 for cutting foam wings which I'll then follow up with one on Dev Fus Foam. I've used these to produce a 50 inch Wing span Hawker Hurricane. A few images below. Not finished yet because of other stuff getting in the way. I'm now looking to build a CNC router probably a Openbuilds OX but also may try and build Mark Carew's Phlatprinter this seem ideal for producing foam models. I like the fact its fairly compact and can produce large parts.

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