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    Quote Originally Posted by jcb121 View Post
    I've ordered these other ballnut housing and in total I bought 4 for about £26~
    just purchase but don't pay and then say you want 4 or however many.
    I think they're the same as I've ordered...

    I've been welding my frame up and now that I have gas it's going pretty well! though i wish i had as much space as you do!
    It's the works so not really mine, wish it was though!

    I'm away for the weekend so nothing getting done until next week now :(


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    Was wondering what to do with the left over steel I've got so had a play at lunchtime with Sketchup...
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    Looks good Niel (I love fixed gantry). I think you could move the gantry back further if you wanted slightly more travel, and am not even sure you would need the back diagonals. Do it !!! G.

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    Hi G, there's only one slight problem if I built this...where the heck would I put it, going to be tight on space in my little shed as it is!! The design as it is allows maximum travel of the bed so I can cut the whole area (500 x 400) I've got the raised sides (sealed with gaskets/sealant) so I can flood the bed with water when cutting the CF so the dust doesn't go everywhere. TBH I doubt I'd need any of the diagonals for cutting CF and Trafolite but I've got the steel so better safe than sorry!! This could use up all the left over bits I've got from when I bought the rubbish TB6560 control board and steppers, might even be able to use it for engraving labels for work. Spec for this one is very much as per my first post on here with the exception of SBR12 rails and blocks.


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    Well I finally managed to get back onto the shop floor this lunchtime and re-cut the 40° angles to 45°on the supports.....tomorrow I'm going to try to do some more tacking up...depends on if I can get anywhere to weld as the shop floor is a bit busy at the moment. Really want to crack on with this now so I can hopefully have it running before Xmas.


  6. #166 I managed to tack up the last of the angle supports and start some of the welding up of the frame. Can tell I've not welded for a couple of years!!!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Oh yes, judicial use of the angle grinder I think will be needed...
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    Nothing managed today as the area I was using has been set up for SS so I can't go welding and grinding there!! Spent a little time getting the fixed end blocks onto the ballscrews as the screws were a little oversized so couldn't get the bearings on the screw. Have managed to get one on but there's some play in the bearings which will need looking at...disappointing.


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    Nice to see the bed taking shape Neil. It's a shame the screws/bearings from Chai don't fit properly :( Hope you manage to sort it out.


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    Cheers Si, I'll put them in the lathe and take some emery paper to them to get them to fit.

    Fitted the 2 solar panels to the shed roof and wired them in series into the charge controller and wired the 2 x 115Ah leisure batteries again in series into the controller works!! Have a small 600W inverter coming next week so should be able to run small things like soldering irons, radios etc. until I decide what my power requirements are.

    Installation has loose wires all over the place as I was running out of time this evening but I wanted to prove it all worked. Shed desperately needs tidying as I've been bringing stuff back from storage and just dumping it in there.

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    First time out to the shed since installing to see if its working ok and it is, just need to run the batteries down a bit to see if it charges them as they're topped up now so not being charged.


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