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    Well still not done anything on the frame yet (still doing jobs that were urgent before the wedding) but I've just ordered a new lathe...

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    and milling machine...

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    for my new work so I'll be able to do some milling and turning soon (end of May/beginning of June)


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    Will you making a 'product' or will you be taking on any jobs as they come ?
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    These are just for work for turning down the occasional hub/coupling or making the odd bespoke item or bits for test rigs etc. we outsource all of our machining to local companies. Most of the time these machines will be sat about doing nothing (read making parts for my cnc router!!) and I've been given the go ahead to cnc the milling m/c already...


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    I purchased the WM18 mill and cnc'd it but I find there is a bit of backlash in the screws so I have decided to strip it down and fit ball screws when I get the time. I am happy with the mill in general though. ..Clive

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    Clive, thats good to know that you're happy with yours. As I'm not paying for it I'll be fitting ballscrews from the off. Still deciding what steppers to go for but erring on NEMA 34's and 240V easy was the Z to do?
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    Moved the frame to my works workshop (or at least the area that's going to be the workshop once it's been tidied and sorted out) so I can start stripping off the epoxy I ballsed up...went and checked the epoxy this morning and it was hard??? WTF? Still going to strip it off and start again as I wouldn't trust it!!

    The new milling machine and lathe are being delivered this week so once installed, stripped down, oiled/greased, adjusted and trued I'll be starting to make some brackets and other bits for my machine. Ordered another load of tools for the machines (boring heads/bars/indexable tools, angle plates/DTI's and base etc.) so will have every tool except the one I probably want!

    I've found an old cast iron 24" square marking out table which will come in useful although it'll need the rust cleaning off part of it...and a 24" Mitutoyo vernier caliper, there's also a Mitutoyo vernier height gauge but the scale is really rusty so you can't see the graduations. Anyone got a good way of cleaning these items so they can be used again? I don't want to take a scotch pad or anything like that to them for fear of taking off the graduations or ruining the surface (although there might be some pitting on the surface plate) if I can help it?

    Looking forward to re-starting work on the router as I've uses for it at work cutting out delrin/acetal rings for the couplings amongst other things...


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    I would think electrolysis would be your best bet. I think you'll get good results on the plate but my guess would be that the height gauge is toast as the markings will be too shallow.

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    Pics of the rust...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Neil,
    I've been thinking recently about a milling machine similar to the Warco you have ordered above (milling steel is potentially on the cards).
    Are you going to do a build log, if you're converting to CNC? - I'd be most interested if so.

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    Hi Chris, yes ill do a build log. Might even do an unpacking/crating (or whatever) log and then a conversion log...depends on work commitments as to the timescale though!

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