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    Hi Neil,

    Good progress recently....

    If you want to go down the PC rad and pump route let me know, as I may have a spare 120mm rad (possibly 2), fans and possibly a pump/res unit I can let you have, as I've recently upgraded to 240/280/360/420mm in most of my watercooled PCs.

    Cheers Chris, that will be sent!


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    Did a little bit this afternoon...

    Cables still need tidying on the end plates and something put there to stop and chafing....

    Stocked up on WD40 ready for cutting Ali.....



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    Unfortunately not had a chance to do any more on the machine as real work has got in the way. Still I ordered the steel for the frame (re-designed it to a basic frame that I can then box in if required) which came today.



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    Frame re-design....hopefully I can keep the number of re-draws to below 6 this time. router is held to the frame with 4 off M12 bolts

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Small CNC Router Frame.jpg 
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ID:	15722

    The frame is going to be mounted to the wall and floor rigidly and adjustably so it can be mounted level and slightly off the wall to get access to the botls holding the router to the frame (I can see a re-design on its way already...)
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    Not much getting done this week on the build.....

    lazing by the pool with a few beers seems a better thing to be doing!!!



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    Ok so 20 mins on it tonight and ive drilled the holes to mount the 20mm thick Ali base. Just got to notch the front corners and file where the frame welds will be and then the headache of putting the base on, drilling and tapping the mounting holes and then bolting the base on. It's blinking heavy without the base on, still what's another 50kg eh.....



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    Up ended the router, b*@@#r me it's quite heavy!

    Notched the corners of the 20mm plate and chamfered where the weld beads are. Put the plate on the base and used an 8.5mm transfer punch to mark the bolt holes.

    Drilled and hand tapped the plate...

    Put it on the frame and tightened the bolts up...

    And then put foot pads on and put it down on the floor for the time being....



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    Good to see some more progress on the machine. It looks like its getting close to cutting testing?

    BTW - what is the cutting area - it looks smaller in the latest pics but I estimate 500x1500-ish mm?


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    It's 1000 x 500 although I'm not sure I'll quite get 1000....we'll see.

    Yes good to make more progress, spending more time on it tomorrow so hoping to get some movement again tomorrow!


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    Ok so I didn't connect up the control panel and play with a small surfacing program.....honest!!!


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