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    I have the budget one above and it works well I can do my bed in a few minutes
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    Ok cheers guys, ill get one of those cutters, as work is paying probably the more expensive one.

    What sort of step over do you guys use?


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    Quote Originally Posted by njhussey View Post
    What sort of step over do you guys use?
    Depending on material and Depth between 50-100% often 75%.

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    Well due to my hat at work changing from engineer to Web designer ive not done anything mechanical or electrical to the machine...However I have been cutting bits for an RC Glider in my lunches....

    Now to crack on with CAD and finish off some drawings so I can make more models!


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    how are those parts cut ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackrat View Post
    how are those parts cut ?
    Which bits? The wing ribs are nested so I can fit them on a 400mm x 100mm sheet (small packet post sixe) and ive got holding tabs on them to keep them in the sheet. The ply pieces are done the sane making sure the grain is in the right direction. The fuselage sides are done in 2 pieces and I cut them in half with a spline line so they can again fit in the packet for a small parcel and then fit perfectly together again and make a side. The balsa ribs and fuz sides were done with a 1mm cutter and the ply with a 2mm.....think that's about it.


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    Quick question to those who cut balsa (and lite ply)....I use these cutters...

    Which cut it OK, however they do lift the balsa and on soft balsa tend to rip it when cutting across the grain. What cutters do you use? I was thinking of trying some down cutters but was wondering if there were better ones out there?


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    Hi Neil,

    I use 3mm 2 flute TCT router bits but have a similar problem on balsa. I also thought about down cutters but never tried it in the end and where possible I use lite ply instead and have larger cutouts to keep the weight down. Lite play tends to leave a thin layer of whiskers which is easily removed by running around with a scalpel to leave a clean finish.

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    Thanks for that Barry, I prefer cutting lite ply as it cuts better, yes those little furry bits clean off on with a sharp craft knife. I'll have a play with different types of cutter and see which give the best cut.


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    Well been playing with the Router in work. Going to make small plastic (going to be Nylon) samples so I've been drawing them and cutting on the CNC router. Not getting the best finish on flat bottom pieces, looks like it's rubbing but ok on vertical sides. Using both single flute and 2 flute uncoated carbide cutters.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20151119_145444060.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_20151119_145613407.jpg 
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    The same is true in Aluminium, sides are OK but the base is a bit rough. Used WD40 and air on the Ali, just Air on the plastic.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20151118_174945789.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_20151118_174955173.jpg 
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    I've just downloaded the 30 day trial of HSM Advisor and as if by luck on the plastic I was using 14000 RPM and a feed of 1950mm/min which is not a million miles off what they are suggesting (1790mm/min) so clearly needs some playing with to get the best results....

    Need to make dust/chip extraction as the stuff is being flung bloody everywhere......need to finish off the machine/control cabinet....need to make the vertical stand for it as kneeling down is a pain (literally) and leaning over the machine is also a pain......just need another 6 hours in the day to do this!!!!!


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