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    Shed base has been done for a week or so and this morning at 6.30am the shed was delivered. Trouble is that as of Friday I'm away on holiday for a week so all I'll be doing is unpacking it from the grass verge tonight and moving it into the garden and covering it with a tarpaulin until I can start assembling it after I get back from hols. Then the router build will begin as I'll have somewhere to work and put the router!

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    You need a shed building party.!! . . .shame your so far away has I'd come help throw it up in exchange for burger and couple of . . . Actually got relatives in Hereford not seen for a long time so maybe could still happen . .Lol

    Or Maybe next time when it's router building party time. .

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    If you need a hand putting the shed up give me a shout, I'm only just the other side of town after all (I take it you've moved to Gloucester now?). I can lean on a wall to keep it upright with the best of them.

    All I ask if you pick a sunny day for the build, last time I helped a friend with some building work it tipped it down on us all day to the point where the site ended up flooded.

    P.S. You're shed looks suspiciously like a very short and boxy car
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    Hmmmm shed building party......

    This is what it should look like once assembled.....depends on how many beers I've had when putting it together

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    Yes Graham I've been living in Gloucester now (officially!) for a month. Can't wait to put the shed up (yes might take you up on the offer of a hand ) so I can get my tools (and all my RC models) out of storage and start making a mess...
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    How about a shed/workshop build thread? I always enjoy those.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by WandrinAndy View Post
    How about a shed/workshop build thread? I always enjoy those.....
    Got back from holiday early hours of Sunday so nothing doing on the shed build. Busy all week in the evenings so the schedule for building it is this permitting!! Will put up some pics of the build :)


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    Pics of this afternoons work. Started at 3.15 and finished at 7..,

    Before Starting.

    After taking the tarpaulin off.

    After 3/4 hour.

    Window in.

    Almost done the sides.

    Purlins in ready to roof tomorrow.


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    Few more pics.

    Roofing to be done tomorrow and also the wood preserver...


  9. Looking good, but are the sticky out-y corners permanent? What do you plan to line the inside of walls/door/roof with?

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    irving, the sticky out-y corners will be permanent because they form a series of halving joints, if you cut them off the thing would fall to pieces.

    I don't know what you plan to line the shed with but I found celotex (50mm thick) from the local builders merchant to be good, it's a thermal insulation but it can also attenuate noise. Because it's quite soft you would need thin plywood over the top, thickness appropriate to what you want to hang off it. Of course this reduces the inside of the shed by over 100mm each way.

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