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    One extra bit of info that might scupper the Waterjet and very possibly, slightly key to it functioning well........ we don't have a water supply to the premises we work out of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
    An thoughts on what makes or models for what might suit the job? Like I said, the Vision 1624 I was looking at or similar but would prefer to pay less and buy a second one if things go well.
    You don't buy an abrasive water jet cutter, you rent time on it.

    If you still think a rotary cutter is a possibility, get someone to try cutting your material first and see if you can live with the result :heehee:

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    I have had samples cut on the model I mentioned and they look good and worked well to my untrained eye. I didn't see the process take place though so there might have been faulty ones before it. Renting time sounds a little inconvenient for what we need with sampling and quick turnaround etc.

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    Hi Andrew,

    Not sure on the shapes you are thinking of, but wondered if it would be possible to use a press and stamp them out. You need to make the tool, or have it made, but then you could make parts fairly quickly and at a reasonable volume. For low volume though this might not be cost effective.
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    There would be various shapes and quantities and changing all the time. We brand various merchandise for lots of different customers so we could be doing a small company logo for a fridge magnet to a football player shape or even just clock faces branded up. I would think a tool press to not be cost effective for quite a few of the runs but as I have previously said.... I am new to all this so don't know the best options. I could have a run for 20 8" clock faces then straight after 1000 shaped fridge magnets.

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    Is this type of machine okay or cheap rubbish? Would it cut .5mm alu or not the right type of thing?

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