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  • Ease of Use

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  • Reliability

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  • Price

    10 76.92%
  • Support contract

    1 7.69%
  • Training

    1 7.69%
  • Postprocessor

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  • 2 and 3 axis

    3 23.08%
  • 4 axis

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  • 5 axis

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Thread: WorkNC CAM CAD

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  1. Tony,

    You are right the strapline does say 'By machinists, for machinists' and we cater for all, though it is fair to point out that a large number of our members are hobbyist and small production users for whom a 4k investment in software is never going to happen. Likewise we have a large base of users who manufacture all sorts of stuff: furniture, stairs, kitchen units, vinyl signs, full and part car body models, etc. - they are still machinists in the broad sense but again maybe this software doesnt apply.

    That doesn't mean we aren't interested in hearing about products and techniques that can be adapted. There are a fair number of members who are professional CNC operators and medium size shop owners who may have an interest.

    Compared to CNCZone I think its true we don't (yet) have a huge base of 'big league, hardcore CNC programmers' - I suspect that reflects to some extent the different market situation here in the UK compared to the US, probably there are less heavy manufacturing companies and workforce who would participate in forum's such as these.

    Everyone has different perceptions and experiences. The purpose of forums is to share that politely and informatively with reasoned debate...

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Tom View Post
    Hello Tony,

    You've hinted at the price - is there a website we can go to to check out the features?
    Something along the lines of.... http://www.alibre.com/products/ac_compare.asp
    Click Tony's user name then 'visit homepage' which takes you here

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    In fairness, the screenshots are pretty impressive. I will need to start saving!

  4. Hi Tom
    take a look at this site http://www.flickr.com/photos/cadcamzone/
    some of these parts machined with WorkNC are unbelivable, especialy the "dream metal jacket". This is full size
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  5. Hello Irving2008
    Thank you for bringing this back to a mannered forum, I 100% agree with you on the number of UK users, perhaps we are not a nation of "BARE ALL".

    We have the same with training, our users do not want to spend on training, they much prefer to "muddle through and have a go". not to say there is a big need for training, we never suggest to any company that they will need more than 3 days for WorkNC-CAM, perhaps another 1 for WorkNC-CAD and only another 2 for full 5 axis. (did you know CAD was included, yes a full 3D CAD with surface and solid as well as 2D).
    It is upto us all to shout about "mycncuk", and get more visitors

  6. #16
    I'm very impressed with the Kubuto helmet, I presume this is 5 axis ?

    However I still feel it's the wrong forum regardless of what Irving says, you need to look at some of the current posts, we have guys on here that are making motor mounts from MDF, others who are hard pressed to make an axis with 6 skate bearings and others who can't afford a book to learn to use a lathe correctly.

    A 350 per month rental fee is definitely not on the books.
    John S -

  7. I do fully understand that there is not one size that fits all, same as shoes, cars and tellys, if we all had the same there would only be one telly maker in the world, or one car maker. We have many of each.

    We now have WorkNC as a subject on its own,, in only 2 days.

    The UK does not have many dedicated CNC forums, and it looks like not many subscribers, if WorkNC coverage can increase any of these it must be good for us all.

    There are individuals out there that are "thinking" about going it alone and starting a manufacturing unit, rental is the easy option. It is difficult for new companies to get credit or arrange finance to purchase software. Rental meets this requirement.

    Also the rental is part payment if you want to purchase the system (50/50). Some of the members want machining done, if some of the WorkNC users see this then both can benefit

    Software rental is the way forward in the market.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Tony The Ferret View Post
    Software rental is the way forward in the market.
    Thats an interesting statement, and one that deserves a wider discussion. A lot will depend on how a company treats software licences, support and/or rental on its books - for most companies rental would be a hit on the P&L which is not necessarily a good thing, while capital may be harder to find its not actually impossible. To make the economic argument you need to show the TCO for both rental and purchase over 3 or 5y incuding all ancillary costs and the cost of money. And that will change depending on whether you think we are in a recessive economy or a growth economy (and the jury is still out on that). Would you like to expand further?

  9. Nice to get your reply, i would prefer to leave this discussion open to all the other readers. I just know from experience several users who are renting say it is a good option,

    • No lengthy contracts
    • 3 months notice to cancel
    • No credit checks
    • Open to registered companies only
    • No work, cancel the rental
    • Lots of work, consider converting the rental to a purchase,
    • Uncertain future, continue renting

  10. Hi everybody, back from hols and ready for more questions.....
    Does any one need wire EDM software, or 2D to drive a router, or 2D lathe... If so WorkNC also has a standalone module for each of these (and CAD included) prices vary, not a secret, but if you need them, just ask

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