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Thread: WorkNC CAM CAD

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  1. Welcome to the WorkNC forum, we ask that you all ask WHAT is WORKNC, will try our best to answer as fast as possible. We believe that the WorkNC users keep is a BIG secret, and they have a big advantage over other CAM software users......

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    So how much is it ? or is that the secret ?
    John S -

  3. Hi John
    it is no secret, All depends on what you want for your bucks and how much you want to save. The price of the software is not the same as the cost of purchase

    I Have seen other posts for CAM as low as $99, i have not tried these out so cannot comment on their capability.
    But have also read in other forums of users who have thought that "ALL CAM IS THE SAME" only to be frustrated by failed and long calculations, or gouges on the part. Finding out that the cheapest is not always best for them.

    WorkNC offers confidence and reliability,

    What do you want, 2D , 2.5D, 3D or 5 axis, Wire EDM, Lathe, CAD
    if you want a price contact me directly
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony The Ferret View Post
    Hi John
    The price of the software is not the same as the cost of purchase

    Sorry you will have to run that one by me ? Last time I went to Asda the price on a 1.50 box of cornflakes was the EXACT price I had to pay at the till.

    John S -

  5. Will try.
    The price you purchase something for is what you actually hand over., the price of a box of cornflakes could be 150, that is not the cost
    The cost of software is calculated from what it will do for you, and how much. Example.
    a Cheep softeware could cost 100, The programmers hourly rate is 20 and the machine hourly rate is 30

    a single job could take 4 hours to program and 6 to cut on the machine ir would cost = 80 + 180 = 260
    If WorkNC being more efficient could do the same job in 2 hours to program and 3 hours to machine then it would cost 40 + 90 = 130
    Therefore he cost of this part with the cheep software could be 260, or the cost of the same part with WorkNC could be 130

    Which cost is better to you.

    Then you calculate all the jobs you need to do in a day, week , month year and compare the cost of manufacture
    I have a calculator you can download from my web page.

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    This sounds like one of those maths exam questions! You forgot the variable of how often you cut jobs against the initial cost of the software, and whether you are doing it for a hobby or work. Still don't know how much your software is, or is it a secret? I guess as you've not told us it's expensive!

    Build log...here

  7. Would not expect this to be used for hobby, the cost 4K upwards will point it towards the manufacturing sector

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    Why bother posting on a hobby forum then ?

    That variable method of selling is rapidly going out the window, true a good CAM program can save a bit of time on a machine getting the best toolpaths but to say it will halve machine time is rubbish.

    There are limits on machines as regards tooling, rigidity, speeds and feeds.
    It's no good saying we can do this in half the time if the machine was running flat out to start with, and if you are looking in the manufacturing sector then experience has to play a large part.
    Plenty of Mastercam and Surfcam users out there who can start work and produce code but how many experienced WorkNC users who don't need expensive training ?

    I went thru this a few years ago. Alphacam cost 5,000 at the time in the UK, where it is written, at the same time it was 2$ to the pound so that was $10,000 but it only cost $5,000 in the States [ 2500 ]
    I queried this and was told they had to sell cheap in the UK because of the market trends it was dearer here because that's what the market could stand [ exact words ]

    So I queried if i could buy in the States, told no they wouldn't license it or support it, end of story. Where is Alphacam now ? it's a small niche market operator for the woodworking industry and getting hard hit by Vectric.

    You only have to look to Alibre and OneCNC to see how the trends are going.

    John S -

  9. Hobby Forum ???? thought the strap line was "by machinists, for machinists". perhaps you need to consult with the webmaster.

    Forums are here to voice the opinion of the writer (IMHO) and to pass on any experience to those who are interested in learning from others.

    Regarding ultra low priced starter softwares. You get what you pay for. lol

    In regard to reducing machining time by 50%,you do not think this is possible. I can only believe you have limited experience in real machining. How can a solution that has 40 different types of machining stratergy be compared with one that only has raster fininshing
    Or one that needs to use a 3mm ball cutter all over the part because it has no pick out toolpath.:confused::confused:

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    Tom's Avatar
    Lives in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Last Activity: 22-11-2018 Has been a member for 9-10 years. Has a total post count of 176. Referred 1 members to the community.
    Hello Tony,

    You've hinted at the price - is there a website we can go to to check out the features?
    Something along the lines of.... http://www.alibre.com/products/ac_compare.asp

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