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    Very new to this, thinking of building a machine based around
    Patrick Hood-Daniel's 'book machine' with a 1000mm x 600mm cutting area. Seems very simple in design.
    I want it for routing foam to shadow my tool box and engraving the tools.
    I'm sure I'll be asking questions along the way.

    What are peoples thoughts on the 'Book Machine'.



  2. Hi Matt and welcome...

    Not sure I've seen the Book machine (or at least rings no bells), can you post a link

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    The 'Book Machine' is pretty much as shown in the videos on his website. Built out of MDF and driven by threaded rods.
    Couldn't find a good picture of it but the website is


  4. Ah, know the website... wasnt aware that what he called the machine...

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    Hi coxy,

    That's a pretty basic machine, although all the ingredients are there. Stiffness and accuracy will be your limitations - look at his video for the DemoP.COC logo and you will see the problem. About 1 minute in he tightens the collet and the whole thing flexes before your eyes! To his credit though, alot of work has gone into documenting it.

    All that being said, for simple foam cutting it could be a cheap solution that is just about good enough.

    You were looking making one 1000x600mm. You might want to build a smaller one using his design to get a feel for it, and then decide what you would want to upgrade for one that size. Those are my thoughts anyway . . .
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    Hi Matt,

    Welcome! I'm pretty sure Patrick posted on this forum a couple of times a year or so ago.

    I've not built that machine, but I have built an MDF router (mine has steel rails and carriages instead of alu, with 6 bearings per rail instead of 4). The point I want to make is that my total machine cost was 900, of which only 24 was the MDF structure. My "big ticket" costs were 1) electronics, 2) kress 1050, 3) steel, 4) leadscrews & bearings. Of course, this means that the majority of the investment is re-deployable on other projects, but if I did it again I'd probably go for plywood over MDF, and it wouldn't add much to the overall build cost.
    Build log is here:

    Bottom line though, is build something, and enjoy it. You won't regret it, and whatever it is there'll be ways to improve....

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    I beleive it is the 'Book machine' because it is pretty silmilar to the 1 built in his book.

    Thanks for pointing out that wobble/flex. I do not need mega accuracy in what I'm planning to use it for, but if it is an issue I can alway find a way to rectify it.

    Tom, just finished reading your build log thread for the second time, looks like a nice machine:tup:. Figured the big buy items would be the electronics and motor (and possibly the software, as I know nothing about Linux based systems). Thinking about just using threaded rod initally as mega accuracy and speed are not a big factors.

    When I work out exactly what and now I'm going to build, I'll start a build log.




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