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    Hi All..

    Finally getting down to some fine tweaking... In trying to measure any slop, and I am sure I have some as my X and Y are chain driven, I have been machining some slots 100mm long..

    First I move the X axis in the +ve direction, then machine a slot also in the +ve direction.. Reckon there should be no backlash at this point.. Then I move a few mm across the y axis and machine a slot in the -ve direction of the X axis.. This should, by my reckoning, then show up any backlash and I was expecting the second slot to be shorter...

    But no..! It was 0.2mm longer... Have repeated this several times with the same result..

    And, as always, when I get to scratching my head too much, I pop here to see what silliness you guys can point out that I am doing..


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    Hi Steve

    what happens if you zero a DTI next to the machine before it cuts the first slot, then send it away in +ve X to cut the slot, then just come back to the start position again (i.e. cut the slot twice with no Y movement)?

    what happens if you do this without cutting (just jogging away and back again) to a fixed DTI?

    Lost steps? Binding axes?
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    Cogging maybe? A chain is moving slightly faster when a roller passes perpendicular to the sprocket axle.

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    Things to look at.. Things to try... Will try/look at later this afternoon... Thanks guys!!


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