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    About the cheapest spot drills in the UK I have found are here. Put a search in for all diameters and go to the bottom of the second page then the third.

    They are very good quality, both the Cobalt and Carbide, and if not really abused, should last almost forever. For 20 to 30 you can kit yourself out with a decent range of sizes and angles up to 8mm, over that, as in all places, they get expensive.

    I tend to use the 120 degree ones, as that almost matches the standard grind of a normal twist drill of 118 degs. For holes that have a countersink requirement, I use the larger 90 degree ones to do the countersink first, then drill down with a normal drill from that, two ops in one.

    Hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robin Hewitt View Post
    Caveat emptor, I've gone back to Plan A, don't use anything but Dormer :D
    Dormer aren't what they used to be...I picked up a set of drills, made in Mexico of all places. Drilled a hole in a piece of 1/4" mild steel and managed to snap a brand new 10mm drill bit straight in half with just the torque from a cordless drill and in a hand tightened QR chuck too!

    That's the first time I've ever managed to break a drill over about 4mm in diameter!

    Complete carp!

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