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    HI One & All,

    I'm retie VET stock at home most of the time. I spend most of my time helping VET's with the VA problems and folks that live near me with computer, electrical, and electronic problems that they might have. I stent 32 year in the military, 4 years in the US Army and the rest in the US Coast Guard as a electronic Tech.
    One of my friends needs a small stepper motor to drive a three wheel wagon at a very slow and stead speed. I have not work with servo or stepper motor before. I read a lot on the internet but found very little on how to pick the right size stepper motor for my project.

    William L. Benson (BEN)

  2. Hi BEN and welcome to the site.

    I suspect a stepper motor might be a little small for the job, a DC motor heavily geared down would be the normal approach. Why not open a new thread in the motors section here giving more detail, e.g. size n weight of wagon & load, desired speed, other requirements (like climbing hills etc), power source available, etc. and there'll be a few of us along shortly to help...

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    Hi One & All,

    Thank for the info and I will start a new thread.

    There reason for a stepper motor driving the wagon, I need a very steady and precise speed.

    Thanks again



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