1. Hi All
    I am looking at buying a Harrison Trainer 280 CNC lathe to learn how to program and to do a few small jobs. Dose anyone know if they have any common faults and can they be programed with a PC.



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    See my site www.leeuwinga.nl
    Lot,s of stuff about Harrison T280
    Of course it is all in Dutch but you can use Google to translate
    it into English.

    Harrison can be succesfull be controlled by a PC.
    Turnmaster Pro from Microkinetics is most suitable
    However some of my customers used Mach3

    The old computercard (BBC128K) need to be removed
    as well the two index cards, screen and keybord panel.

    On most of the lathes the drives are OK, so you can tap
    direct to the existing drives.
    The whole will upgarde your lathe to a full cnc lathe

    The only disadvantage on Harrison T280 is the fact that there are
    trapezium screws on Z and Z axle for a good CNC application
    you should change this to ball bearing scrwes.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for the help. I am going to look at your site.


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