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    Hi all,

    I'm Rob from Chester; I'm into building off-road buggies at the moment. I'm currently converting a class 10 auto grasser to have long travel suspension to test a FNR gearbox that Elite Racing Transmissions are building for me. Itís a nice looking buggy so far but I need the ability to draw and cnc cut brackets to make the MK2 version look more professional. A guy local to me is building a 4' cnc plasma table, now I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to tools and it blew my mind. So a cnc plasma table will be my next but one project. I've used cad in the past but I think a project like this would help me to get my head around computer designed parts. At the moment itís too easy to have an epic fabrication session of cutting, grinding, welding and drilling with limited accuracy. I need to get some accuracy and efficiency for my precious little shed time.

  2. Hi Rob and welcome to the site. Look forward to some pictures of your machines and the stuff you make... and of course your machine build


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