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    Guys, tell me what sorts of ally do you use in plate for your builds?
    Can'thelp you there,Scott...I'm going the Mild Steel Box section route,I saw this and fell in love.... :naughty::lol:

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    Talking of aluminium billets, I recently had a problem buying some. I sent an email to head office and just got an apologetic call back from someone who actually wanted to sell it to me, could answer questions and had obviously been told to find out where I had tried to buy it. The price was good to

    Reminded me of when I went shopping for metal in London back in my student days. The bloke in the office was happy to price it for you but nobody downstairs could spare the time of day to cut it. It was much easier to say, "No stock" and give me a look that said, "and what are you going to do about it?". The answer turned out to be ridiculously simple, you took hot student totty with you and downstairs were suddenly queuing up to help :naughty:

    Here's my email...

    I 'phoned your local depot. He shouted out, "Do we sell
    Alumec?" The reply came back, "Never heard of it".

    I persevered hoping he would give me another number to call
    but all I could get was, "You tell us what sizes you want
    mate and we'll get you a price".

    I'm guessing you don't have a catalogue of standard plates
    for injection tooling?

    Which number should I call to find out how to buy Alumec 89
    from your good selves?

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    As ever it's the P&P that's the killer when buying metals online! (Btw: George D ....the billets you linked to in your OP aren't particularly bargainaliscious...they've been this similar price on Ebay for ages)

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