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    Thats extremely useful information. thank you very much. I'll report back when I have everything to experiment with. I'm interested in the formulars you have used to calculate these values. I completely self taught with electronics and have built many circuits but only published ones. I have never designed my own so the math is a learning curve of mine.

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    Thanks GeorgeD. My sizes are not so critical at the moment but will take into consideration what you have said

  3. On a low budget you're going to be limited to 10x2 or 12x3 trapezoid leadscrews with a delrin nut. With 300rpm and a 12x3 the maximum traverse rate is 900mm/min for rapids, maybe 1/2 that for cutting. A 600mm axis will take 1.5min to traverse.... so this isnt going to be a fast machine! You may wish to make it smaller as a starter machine...

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    thanks Irving this will need rethinking

    ....Goes off to ponder

  5. My starter machine for milling PCBs used TR10x2 screws and those motors with 30v drivers. It was all made from MDF and the overall work area was 500 x 300 x 150 but I actually rarely cut a PCB bigger than 140 x 100 and even that took a while. The limiting factor on PCB size/complexity was how long I could run the spindle (a modded DeWalt die grinder) before terminal deafness set in on anyone within 100m radius.. Think about your spindle (Kress or similar?) and where you will run it and for how long (a 6hr run isnt unlikely) - that gives you a clue to the speeds you need - and what work area you could accomodate within some sort of soundproofing environment....

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    Hi craftcadet, I have built a machine that is only a bit bigger than the one you are planning. I'm not too far from you so if you want to come and see it running you are very welcome.

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    Thats a great offer thanks pavlo I would like to see one running. where abouts are you, pm me if you prefer not to disclose to all who read this.



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    Some great pointers for me to consider. I think I may go a bit smaller just to start ( I tell my self). I like most people want to run before i can walk, but i know I'm going to have fun learning to crawl.

    Soundproofing seems an issue. How do cnc machinists get around that?

  9. Tony,

    You'll get better results if you pose questions in the main forum, in 'General Discussion' or 'Problems and Solutions' than on the 'New Members' forum

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