1. ... take a look at this thread on the VAGDrivers (thats Volkswagens, Audi, Skoda, Seat, etc for the uninitiated). This guy (in Ireland) is a definitive 'don't buy it if you can make it' nut and that includes
    • making his own inlet ducts,
    • stainless steel exhaust,
    • casting his own throttle bodies (if I read it right, his 4 cylinder modified Golf engine will have a throttle body per cylinder),
    • remachining Ferrari pistons to fit,
    • a hotwire cutter to cut foam for casting various parts
    • a hot metal centrifugal casting rig for making accurate high speed pulleys,
    but the crowning piece is when he decided the block/head needed skimming to increase compression ratio... so where most of us would take them to a professional place to get them skimmed, he decided to make his own head skimmer.... (becuase the Bridgeport's not big enough!) and to all intents and purposes its a bloody big CNC mill, tho not finished yet. The thread's a long one, but a fascinating read... the guy is inspirational but completely mad! :lol: Definitely one I'll be watching for the future...

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    That was an excellent read, so much info, so many tips and tricks. A good few laughs too :)

    ty for sharing.

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    Irving i hate you, i was supposed to have an early night but had to get to the end.......................The guy should have gone to spec savers and built a cnc machine from the start?

    But he is a bloody genius and full of enthusiasm or what..
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

  4. And there goes my Sunday night!

    Who needs a mill when you've got a router?
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