1. Hi All,

    My name is Wilson. I have a small machine shop in Paisley, Scotland.

    I have a Colchester Bantam, Colchester Student, Elliot 10M shaper, Parkson 2N mill, Fobco 7/8 pillar drill, ESAB Aristotig Tig welder, Eisele pull down chop saw and a pair of Herbert precision drills.

    If you also have any of these venerable bits of equipment, please don't hesitate to PM me with any questions.



  2. Hi Wilson, and welcome to the site. Nice array of manual kit, are you planning to CNC any of them?

  3. Actually, the lathe I'm going to CNC first is a benchtop lathe from the 30's... a Drummond. I've got all the bits, I just need to get them together. I may have to make a new nut/leadscrew combo for the cross slide as the original is gubbed.



  4. That will be interesting... which Drummond, an A or B? The oldest lathe I have heard of being CNC'd is a 1924 Le Blonde... so I was considering doing mine c1914-18

  5. Drummond B I believe. One of my friends has his new from the factory. He's 85. He bought the lathe shortly after the end of WWII. He was pretty annoyed I'd been given mine for nothing!


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