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    hi all
    can you tell me what these 4 do please.Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Andy,

    If you mean the terms 'pocket' 'drilling' and 'profile' then they are as follows:

    profile: this means to cut around the inside, outside, or on the line of a shape. For example, cutting a big hole out of something you need to set the profile depth to slightly more than the workpiece thickness (use a spoil board under the workpiece). For an 18mm workpiece I would set this to 19mm.

    drilling: drilling a hole to a certain depth. You can also 'peck drill' where the drilling is done is stages, withdrawing the tool to clear swarf periodically

    pocket: these are areas of flat recessed material, but not all the way through. For example, to countersink a hex bolt head you want a flat bottomed hole or 'pocket'. These can be any shape usually, but the s/ware above is asking about specific circle or rectangular shapes.

    Does this help?
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    hi all
    so if i just want to etch into the wood,say with a v bit i just set them to 0 then just have the profile depth set.


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    Possibly, setting profile depth to say 1mm to engrave seems ok but having to zero the others seems a bit extreme. I'm not familiar with that screenshot, maybe someone else is. What machine is that from ?

    I expect each value is only used if the machine is told to do that type of cut, otherwise you'll be continually changing them. For example, if it knows you want to do a profile cut then it will look at that value and cut it as required, ignoring the others. Is this a self contained piece of kit, or do you create Gcode externally and run it through this machine to cut it? Have you just bought this kit and are trying to get something out of it?

    In the absense of any instructions or other advice, the best way to find out all this out is to do an 'air cut' where the machine is not cutting, there is no workpiece (to give more space) and you set Z zero deliberately high so that it cuts in mid-air. Set the cut rates very low and hover over the estop button just in case.

    If you send in info about the machine, the way it needs code/programming, and some pictures of it you'll probably find someone here who can give more specific help.
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    hi all
    cnc its old conect software just could not wait to have a go.
    trying to sort out upgrade at the moment.

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    Hi i have just got a contour major twin column cnc mill it came with the conect software how would i go about running the software as it will not run on my computer windows 7 would i have to run it on a older comuter with a earilier version of windows .Can the software be updated or would the machine need updated as well. I have no experience with cnc any help would be appreciated Thanks

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