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    hi all
    don't laugh it is my first attempt and i think know were i went wrong.Click image for larger version. 

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    Good start and very patriotic! Looks like you need to either:
    Set a 'safe Z' height in the software where the tool knows it is clear of the workpiece (I use 20mm) before it jogs to the next cutting location
    Check your drawing, toolpath, or gcode to see if you have lines joining where they shouldn't
    Check you are not loosing steps

    If you get stuck, post a video or description and someone will get you going.

    Watch that MDF dust as well, bad for you!
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    hi all
    first off a massive thank you to i2i for converting my machine,he done a great job.
    so here is a little vid of the beast running.

    sorry for video first go next 1 will be better.
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    hi all
    had play with the machine last few the first stage of the vacuum bed sort.
    going to make a few boxes next to hold different sizes of work.
    hope you like


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