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    or maybe he is righ?t in that case i will start making nuts for my leadscrews out of brass as it obviously is a good material to use no? because plastic nuts on aluminium leadscrews would not be a good idea either and bronze would definitely not???????????????? (am joking here just in case it is taking literally)

    George i am not sure where you get your facts from as google has the monoply on the answers. For an informed view checkout what the pros do please? servo's (the type in model aircraft) have been meshing aluminium and plastic gears for years.
    If the nagging gets really bad......Get a bigger shed:naughty:

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2e0poz View Post
    servo's (the type in model aircraft) have been meshing aluminium and plastic gears for years.
    Indeed, servos with aluminium (or other metal) gears are considered much better than their plastic equivalents. The model cars I use use aluminium and plastic gears and they're fine. I should think the pressure on the gears in this application is greater than that on a lathe...48dp aluminium gear with 500W going through it!

    Anyway, I'll be interested to see this 4th axis in action when it's done. Have you considered keeping the original lathe motor so you can use it as a CNC lathe should the need arise?

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    dear people

    my post was informative... who want to use anything of this... i'm glad...

    yes, for industrial environment, working in 3 shift on a lathe need cast iron gears.. or similar that not sensitive for the not accurate positioning like machinist set manually on lathes...

    but it is a hobbymachine, even it is wellmade, it is for hobby, you can't expect from this little machine like one built for machineshops with 3phase motors, and you can cut thread all day long reversing motors thoushand times 24 hour...

    another point, i don't have hobbing machine, don;t even want to buy set of gearcutters...

    i have small router, also not industrial and have some scrap aluminum got from recycling place by trading sodacans :-)

    so.. why i should order ground hardened gears, just because they are standard in a production environment?
    to order a set gear for this little machine might resulting 1-3 K bill from a machine shop...

    what i expect, to cutting a few couple of metric thread, i believe it could be a solution...

    i did work in factory... there were several type of gear cutter... mainly hobbing machines, but also was klingelnberg and oerlikon type... but the factory did not produced gears for handdriven drills...

    so with this funny example i try to pointing, everything need to be affordable... for me this time this was affordable,,,, as george mentioned he wanted to buy gears, but stamps on mail are too expenses... i guess the next machineshop more expenses :-)

    so everything is just as affordable really...

    hopefully this weekend i can have more process on this...

    best regard

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